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353 Fuller Street • Ludlow, Massachusetts

Energy Efficiency

Any builder can say their homes are energy efficient. But at Southview we made a commitment to build your home using some of the most up to date techniques in the business.

For you, that means a more comfortable home and lower living expenses.

Some of our energy saving features:

  • Attic Wind Blocking
  • Attic Access weather-stripped and insulated
  • Duct work sealing and insulation
  • Zipp Wall roofing and wall systems
  • Foam Sealing around all exterior windows and doors
  • All Pipes, Vents, and Utility Penetrations foamed sealed inside/caulked outside
  • Thermax Rigid Foam Insulation on your basement exterior walls
  • High Efficiency Natural Gas Heating Systems with programmable thermostats
  • Natural Gas Hot Water Heaters
  • Rigid Foam behind all plugs and switches on exterior walls
  • Foam sealing all entry wires into plugs and switches
  • Sealing all exterior wall plates at plywood decking
  • Comprehensive thermal bypass checklist
  • Panasonic Whisper Green Fans
  • Strict Window and Door U Value standards
  • LED lighting

For additional piece of mind…

we submit to multiple inspections throughout the construction process including the following testing at the end of the process:

  • Duct leakage
  • Blower door (building envelope testing)
  • Ventilation flow

At the end of the building process we receive a final report for written verification that our methods work!

High Efficiency Natural Gas Heating System, Attic wind blocking, Zipp Wall system, Foam sealing plugs and switches and more!

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